Grants for best scientific writers

Institute of Systemology LLC announces a grant for research in complex systems.

Funding amount: 100,000 RUR, 300,000 RUR

Purpose: fundamental research in the field of interests of the Complex Systems journal.

  • Chaos theory
  • Complex system
  • Complexity theory
  • Cybernetics
    • Biological cybernetics
    • Technical cybernetics
    • Control (cybernetics)
    • Medical cybernetics
    • Second-order cybernetics
  • Control theory
    • Impact control theory
    • Control system engineering
    • Dynamic system
    • Perception control theory
  • Systems biology
    • Biological system simulation
    • Synthetic biology
    • Systems immunology
  • Systems dynamics
  • Systems ecology
    • Biological system engineering
    • System analysis
  • Theory of systems in anthropology
  • Systems psychology
  • Theory of systems
    • Theory of biochemical systems
    • Theory of ecological systems
    • Theory of developing systems
    • Theory of living systems
    • Theory of linear stationary systems
    • Theory of socio-technical systems

The highest citation index of research work for the previous year.

How to get:
Post an article in Complex Systems, the 3rd and 4th issues, 2020, or subsequent issues in 2021. Articles are published free for the authors. Throughout the year, the article is indexed in databases and becomes available to a wide range of researchers. The journal publishes and distributes the article open access. The journal is issued 4 times a year. Each issue summarizes the previous 1-year period. For example, issue 1, 2021, summarizes the period from issue 1, 2020, to issue 1, 2021, issue 3, 2021, summarizes the period from issue 3, 2020, to issue 3, 2021. Thus, 4 grants of 100,000 rubles each are provided per year for a most-cited publication.

Once a year, the 4th issue summarizes the most-cited works among all the publications of the journal. The authors of this article receive a grant of 300,000 rubles.

Grant holders: the authors of the article or one author by proxy from other authors receive the grant. Each issue of the journal publishes the results, the title of the article, and the names of authors and grant holders.


Competition for the publication of research papers of the Institute

Institute of Systemology JSC announces a competition for grants for the publication of research papers in systemology and complex systems.

The objective of the competition is to support projects aimed at publishing and disseminating information on the results of scientific research.

The amount of grants is from 100 thousand rubles to 2 million rubles. The grant is provided for the publication of the monograph and distribution. Royalties are not included.

The scientific areas of research papers to be submitted to the competition are as follows:

  • Chaos theory
  • Complex systems and complexity theory
  • Cybernetics: biological cybernetics, technical cybernetics, second-order cybernetics
  • Control theory: impact control theory, control system engineering, dynamic system, perception control theory
  • Systems biology: biological system simulation, synthetic biology, systems immunology
  • Systems dynamics
  • Theory of systems in anthropology
  • Systems psychology
  • Theory of systems: theory of biochemical systems, theory of ecological systems, theory of developing systems, theory of living systems, theory of linear stationary systems, theory of socio-technical systems